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General Rules Of the School

Sports and Games

Physical fitness is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. Sports provide an excellent opportunity for our students to stay fit and develop team spirit and friendship among other things.
The school has taken great care to ensure that all sports requirements are met and our children are benefitted by the same. We have one room for sports related activities and have provision for indoor games such as carrom, and chess. Ample facilities for outdoor games such as cricket, football, volley ball, basket ball and handball are available. Also we are providing skipping, flying disc, rubber rings, dumbbells. we have a nice football ground.
Inter house competitions for football as well as athletics are conducted every year. The students are participating the same with high spirit.
We are following the Khelo India project this year onwards. We hosted one day training programme TOT for the Physical Education teachers from nearby districts on 13th July 2019. We are training our students for the following exercises.
1. Plate tapping
2. Flemingo balance
3. Partial curl-ups
4. Sit and reach
5. Push up for boys
6. Modified push up for girls
7. 600M Run
8. 50 M Dash
9. BMI test

Club Activities

We envisages and promotes a plethora of learning activities through the various Forums and Clubs. These activities emphasize and develop the intellectual, physical, psychological,mental and aesthetical faculties of the students. These clubs ensure participation of all pupils according to their aptitudes, skills and talents. We provide the following clubs in our school.
 Literary Club
 Elocution Club
 News Reports Club
 Young Scientists Forum
 Mathematics Club
 Readers Club
 Athletics Club
 Philately Club
 Yoga
 Computer Club
 Quiz Club
 Arts Club

Junior Red Cross

The Junior Red Cross was established in this school in the year 2018. There were 20 students each from primary and secondary section. Each year 40 students are selected as members of JRC. The Junior Red Cross aims in inculcating moral values like empathy, kindness etc and also motivating the students to indulge in activities that are beneficial to the society. Our Junior Red Cross members visited the Sai Old age Home at Vallikkavu and donated money and distributed things needed by the elderly. This year they collected a lot of things needed for the relief camps put up during the flood . The activities of the members of the Junior Red Cross of our school is highly appreciable.


School Providing the facility of a counselor twice in a week. Children facing any problem can meet her. Also teachers as well as parents can direct any child to the counseling section.


There are several co-curricular activities in the school, which enable the children to acquire mastery over their inherent potentials and equip them to face the life with ease and confidence. Dance is one among it. Included one period in the curriculum for primary section.


There are several co-curricular activities in the school, which enable the children to acquire mastery over their inherent potentials and equip them to face the life with ease and confidence. Music is one among it. They have one period allotted Music as well as Violin.


Students are always tensed with their studies. We initiates different meditation programs for the entire students in the school to keep them in tranquility. Alloted one period for each class in a week. In addition to that we conduct Yoga Demonstration together with Sports Day


The system of having four Houses has been designed to encourage and enhance healthy competition among students and to create a healthy growing environment. This leads each student of the House to constantly perform and strive to be better. This system inculcates leadership opportunities and loyalty to their houses in students. Every child and teacher belongs to a House. Team building and effective leadership qualities are inculcated in the process with the encouraging guidance of he teachers.Every competition in the school are conducted housewise . Each house is having a teacher in charge , Captain and a Vice Captain. Four different houses are :-
1. Dalton
2. Edison
3. Newton
4. Watson