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Physics Lab

Physics LabWe make your child happy day after day

The Physics Lab in Sree Buddha Central School is more than a mere place in the backside of classrooms in the main block , but a place where students do Physics. They learn to practice their activities ask questions, perform procedures, collect data, analyze data, answer the question and think of new questions to explore.
To ensure better understanding, a well-equipped lab having a table with individual electrical connection are made available. Also, it is provided with charts and models to make concepts in light and electricity more concrete.
The ability to thoroughly document and to keep clear, understandable records of one’s work is a key skill that the students must develop. To enable this, before coming to the lab all students are instructed to comprehend the prescribed activities from the Physics lab manual.
The Physics lab at our school provides an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts and relationship introduced in the classroom lectures and describes the general nature and behavior of real phenomena.