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There is a Parent- Teacher association in the school. The PTA is expected to bring to the notice of the management any short comings and put forward practical suggestions for the better functioning of the school.
Our PTA vision is to build relationship with parents and teachers, help support the school, our children’s education and all round development. PTA is holding general meeting once a year and when the need arises. PTA supports the school to enhance the cultural and educational life of the school, benefits the children.
Adv K V Ajaikumar ( President, PTA) Ph.9447800721
Prof K.Sasikumar (Chairman,Sree Buddha Foundation)
Prof.V.Prasad (Secretary,Sree Buddha Foundation)
Sri.G.Yatheesh (Vice Chairman, Sree Buddha Foundation)
1. Sri Sabeer Ahammed A ( Member)
2. Sri Rajesh Kumar B
3. Adv A Noushad
4. Sri Sunil Dev D
5. Smt Mini Sajith
6. Sri Jayachandran L
7. Sri Padmasagar P
8. Adv Unnikrishnan
9. Sri M G Ranjithkumar
10. Smt Deepa A K
11. Sri R D Prakash
12. Dr Jaison Thomas
13. Sri Saji P A
14. Smt Manju Ramachandran (Principal)
15. Smt Nair Jayashree Ramachandran (Vice Principal)
16. Smt Girija S (Vice Principal)
17. Smt Ushakumari S (Headmistress)
18. Smt Ushadevi D (Secretary, PTA)
19. Smt A V Radhamony (Teacher)
20. Smt Sandhya Sahadevan (Teacher)
21. Smt Apsara J (Teacher)
22. Smt Sreeja R S (Teacher)
23. Smt Shylaja Babu (Teacher)
24. Smt Bindumol (Teacher)