Mission & Vision

Mission & VisionWe make your child happy day after day

The cardinal points of the teaching of Lord Buddha viz Kindness, Humanism and Equality, is the guiding Philosophy of this institution. Special efforts are made, to inculcate these cherished values into the  minds of the pupils. The scientific temper of the Buddhist teachings and its rationality are in perfect harmony with the scientific spirit of the modern age. The purpose of education is not merely training a child for a career to earn his livelihood. Education should aim at the all round development of the individual and help him to become inheritor of our cultural heritage. Education should inculcate ethical idealism and try to bring out, what is within.  There should be an integrated growth of the body, mind emotions, so as to become a balanced personality. The school strives to achieve these aims by planning the daily routine of the institution. A sense of  competitive spirit is essential to excel in this age. The school provides ample opportunities for the pupil’s physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. Absolute freedom is give to the pupils for the development of the personality.

Our school management aims at making this school a model centre of excellence, capable of producing the very best citizens from this part of the country. Our management members who are highly qualified and outstanding personalities ensure excellence in the academic performance of our students.

The Sree Buddha Foundation aims at providing quality education at various levels. After the establishment of the Central School in Karunagappally, Sree Buddha College of Engineering, Pattoor into existence under the sponsorship of the foundation. Later, tow more institutes viz.,  Sree  Buddha College of Engineering for women, Elavumthitta and Sree Buddha Central School, Pattoor were also established.