Chemistry Lab

Chemistry LabWe make your child happy day after day

Chemistry Lab in Sree Buddha Central School is well equipped with the capacity of accommodating 50 to 60 students at a time. All necessary chemicals reagent required for the activities, experiments etc are available. Teachers and students can make best use of lab and do all the activities prescribed by NCERT Syllabus.

The procedure followed while working in our laboratory includes getting familiar with laboratory materials. Referring written laboratory protocols and reviewing the material, safety data sheets for chemicals.

The lab safety rules in our lab are

  1. Reporting all accidents, injuries and breakage of glass or equipments to instructor or lab attendar immediately.
  2. Keeping pathways clear by placing  extra items in the shelves or under work tables
  3. Girls have to take care of their hair by tying back in order to avoid catching fire.
  4. Wearing sensible clothing including footwear.